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The Marigold Law Center was created with a singular mission: to guide our clients through the complex U.S. immigration, family, and adoption legal systems at an affordable price.

The Marigold Pillars of Service


Representation by attorneys who have worked in Federal immigration, family, and child welfare (including adoption) law for decades.


Case managers assigned to every case to help you navigate your legal journey.


Pricing with flexible payment plans to help ease the expenses of your legal services.


Team members with offices in the Washington D.C. (Maryland and Northern Virginia) and the Los Angeles, California metropolitan areas.

30 +

Over three decades of immigration and family law experience

100 +

Legal and cultural understanding of clients from over one hundred countries across the globe ​

1000 +

Thousands of hours effectively advocating for our clients in immigration and family court

30 +

Years of Immigration and Family Law Experience.

about marigold law center

Marigold is your ultimate legal partner you can trust

The Marigold Law Center was created with a singular mission: to guide migrants and their families through the complex U.S. immigration, family, and adoption legal systems at an affordable price.

With dignity, empowerment, and respect, the Marigold Law Center believes all persons should have access to skilled legal representation that is affordable. It may be through our help, but it is your voice and story that will drive our outcomes.

Our Services

30 +

Years of Immigration Law Experience


Our team provides affordable legal services to all migrants, including: unaccompanied children, victims of domestic violence and human trafficking and families with children who have special needs or disabilities. Our specific services include:

30 +

Years of Family Law Experience


Our team offers legal advice and representation in a broad array of family law matters for clients in the State of Maryland only. These services include:

*Children in Need of Assistance (CINA): When the state of Maryland accuses parents of abuse or neglect, they often remove the children from the home while they investigate the situation. The law refers to these as children in need of assistance (CINA) cases. At the Marigold Law Center we represent both children and parents in these situations. These cases are emotionally difficult and require both compassion and experience. We take these cases seriously and offer concurrent case management services.

30 +

Years of Adoption Law Experience


Our team is dedicated to creating new forever families by offering legal advice concerning private adoptions for clients in Maryland only. Our team has experience handling a wide range of adoption matters, including:

Our team also has experience with adoptions that cross state lines, known as interstate adoption. This process is more intricate because every state has its own laws and guidelines that prospective parents must follow. In addition to complying with state laws, interstate adoptions must be approved by the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC). This requires ICPC offices in both states to approve a child’s placement. Our team can assist new forever families in this complicated process.

30 +

Years of Immigration and Family Law Experience

Case Management

The Marigold Law Center’s case management philosophy is rooted in a commitment to providing high-quality, holistic, client-centered services that honor participants’ dignity, strengths, and resources. Every client represented by our team will receive case management services from our qualified case management team.

These services include:


Meet Our
Team Members

Our team of compassionate attorneys, paralegals and case managers will work tirelessly to ensure our clients receive effective legal representation with access to a wide-range of social services along the way.


Decades of experience

The attorneys at the Marigold Law Center have decades of experience navigating the complex U.S. immigration, family, and adoption legal systems.

Our team of immigration attorneys has well-rounded backgrounds working on both sides of the immigration system from the private sector to extensive experience in the Federal government at both the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security.


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